FTP Connections

FTP Settings and Connection

This FTP information is found in the welcome email we send. (The FTP information is your control panel login).

  • FTP Host/Address: (your ip address or domain name)
  • FTP User: (cPanel/FTP user name)
  • FTP Password: (cPanel/FTP password)
  • Port: 21
  • Path/directory: (blank*)

*Unless you want to automatically load a particular subfolder in FTP. For example, you may want to automatically load the public_html folder if you have cPanel or httpdocs if you have Plesk. See below for more information for important folders.

Important Note: These are generic instructions for all FTP programs. Not all FTP programs operate exactly the same way, although these directions will work on most of them. 

For example, some FTP programs will work if you leave the port number empty, while others require that you enter port 21. Just be aware that each program handles the input slightly differently or wants it inputted in a specific way.

If you have not received the second welcome email, please be sure you have paid your initial invoice.


Be sure to upload all files and folders inside the public_html directory.
Place your CGI scripts into the cgi-bin directory.


Too many connections?

Max number of connections from one IP is 8.
















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