Checking Mails


You can check your mail either using

  • A mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird
  • Webmail
To configure your mail client to read mails please refer to the article email client configuration

To check emails using webmail please navigate to http://your_domain_name.tld/webmail for example if my domain name is I will enter in the browser if this does not work I wil also try If none of these works, ensure your have access to the internet and your system administrator is not blocking your access to use of PORTS

The use of domain.tld/webmail uses ports for example entering http://domain.tld/webmail will redirect to http://domain.tld:2095 if your system administrator has blocked this port you won't be able to use this kind of URL in this case use http://webmail.domain.tld which uses port 80

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