Account Life-Cycle


These are the life cycles of accounts on our servers. When an invoice is due on an account:

  • We will send the first invoice unpaid reminder one day after the due date
  • We will send the second invoice unpaid reminder three days after the due date
  • We will send the third invoice unpaid reminder eight days after the due date
  • We will charge a late fee on the unpaid invoice after 10 days


We usually provide a 10 days grace period from the time an invoice is due on an account and the account will only be suspended after the 10 days grace period is over. We believe this gives you enough time to remit your account without any service disruptions.


Any account which is suspended for non-payment after the grace period will be available on our servers but not after 90 days. All inactive/suspended accounts will be automatically terminated after 90.


In cases where we have a backup of the account an administrative fee will be charged for restoring from our backups if there is a need to restore the account.

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