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We understand there are situations where you will need to transfer your domain to another registrar but before you request an EPP Code for a respective domain understand that the following conditions could prevent the request from being successful

  • An expired domain
  • Domain which is still within 60 days of registration (You can only transfer a domain if it is more than 60 days old after initial registration/renewal
  • The administrative contact on the domain is not accessible
  • Unverified email on a domain (Domain contacts needs to be verified. Each time you changed the email contact on a domain, you will be required to verify that email address. If you fail to verify the domain will be suspended)
  • Suspended Domain due to unverified domain contact

If above conditions are met you can follow the instructions below to request your EPP code.

Steps to Request EPP Code

  • Login to your client area
  • Click on Domains Menu and select "My Domains"
  • You can either search for your domain by entering your domain in the search box or scroll through your domain list and click on the wrench icon next to the domain of interest
  • On the next windows that opens, click on "Get EPP Code" from the left side of the screen.

At this moment the EPP code will be automatically sent to the administrative contact on the domain.

  • EPP Code
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