Changing Cpanel Password

Reseting Cpanel Password From Client Area

We have made it possible for you to change your Cpanel password right from your billing or client area. You don't need to know the old password but you sure need to know your client or billing password to access your account to make these changes. 

To reset your Cpanel Password from your client area: 
  1. Login to your client area at  
  2. Click on "My Services" link  
  3. Click on the button which says "View details" for the service/domain you are interested in (this is located to the far right)
  4. Click on Change Password Tab and set your new password
  5. Click on Save Changes (You are done)


From this section you can see the current Cpanel password and username set for the account. You can change the password on that page to anything you desire (It is important you create very strong password as a weak password will be hacked by a third party or a hacker. You can generate a strong password using the tool at )

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